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NO. Never have. Never will. LASHGRAVITY® prides itself in protecting animals and does not support animal cruelty. That’s why none of our collections contain animal fur. We think that selling mink lashes is cruel no matter how the fur is claimed to be collected from the animal. Lash Gravity has done extensive research and developed our very own exclusive Minkesque fibers...the fluffiest, faux lashes in the world! There is no longer a need to kill or hurt innocent animals for lashes.
Do you sell “cruelty-free” mink lashes?
We do not feel there is a way to “ethically source” or collect animal hair in a “non-cruel” way. Many other ethical companies concur. For example, Sephora, as of 2020, are no longer carrying mink lashes, and there is a very good reason for that. LASHGRAVITY® offers customers several luxurious cruelty free options. We feel that mink fur is no longer needed. We’ve created a brand based on ethics that we hold high and stand by.
Aren’t mink lashes the most luxurious lashes?
Doll, maybe you should get out more! Mink lashes “used” to be the best option for luxurious lashes in times past, due to their fluffy and full look. There were no other viable options on the market except silk lashes which were very plastic and unnatural looking. However, Lash Gravity has done extensive research and developed our very own exclusive Minkesque fibers...the fluffiest, faux lashes in the world! There is no longer a need to kill or hurt innocent animals for their fur.
What is the difference between Minkesque and other lashes?
Our lashes contain NO animal hair. Minkesque™ lashes are the finest hairs you can get in a strip lash at just 0.02-0.03 mm per fiber. The world’s first lash bar quality lashes in a strip, that you can apply at home! Our lashes offer customers options and versatility.
What is the most glamorous lash that you offer?
All of our lashes are glamorous! However, the most dramatic and full lash that we offer is our Graviton N°6
What is the most natural lash that you offer?
The most natural style that we offer is our Graviton N°2. We recommend this lash for anyone new to wearing lashes, for professional and business meetings or for a soft glam look.
How do I care for my Minkesque™ lashes?
LASHGRAVITY® lashes can be worn up to 60 times with proper care. Using our very own LashGRAVITATING™ liner is a good way to start. Our liner is not adhesive or glue, so there is much less residue on the band when wearing them. This helps your lashes stay fresh longer without messy glue buildup. Always store your lashes at the end of the day in your iconic storage box. And to keep the lashes ultra fluffy, do not use heavy mascara or makeup removers that contain oils on the lashes.
How do I apply my Minkesque™ lashes?
Our lashes are flexible! All of our lashes can be applied quickly using our LashGRAVITATING™ liner, which is paraben and latex free. Just line and apply! For Graviton lashes, apply when damp and with Magnetron lashes, allow to dry completely. With care our lashes can last up to 60 wears. Using other adhesives and glues with our Minkesque lashes will shorten the wear time.
How do I remove my Minkesque™ lashes?
Gently lift your lashes off starting on the outer corner of your lid. Store them safely in your LashCAPSULE™ or LashPOD™. Proceed with your normal cleansing routine.
How do I remove the LashGRAVITATING™ liner?
Because our UniverSOL Lash Gravitating Liner™ can be removed by using our Lift Off pads with warm water or our Lift Off Micellar Water on a q-tip or cotton pad. Remove all of your liner and other makeup and impurities.
Do your lashes come with glue?
Our lashes do not come with lash glue or adhesive. We have our own innovative UniverSOL Lash Gravitating Liner™ (sold separately) to apply our lashes. It is waterproof and latex, paraben and formaldehyde free. It is not tested on animals.
My tracking number is not showing any information.
Tracking is emailed to you the moment your order ships. However, sometimes UPS does not update tracking for 24-48 hours after the initial scan of your shipment. We ask that you check back in 48 hours. If you still do not see tracking information please contact customer service at
Do you offer exchanges and returns?
All sales are final. Due to the nature of our product we do not offer refunds or exchanges, except in the case of receipt of damaged products. If you receive a damaged item please contact us immediately at please include your order number in the subject line.
Refused Packages
For refused packages the shipping fee will be charged to the payment form selected during checkout, and will be subtracted from any refund.
Incorrect Shipping Information
Please understand that our system prints out shipping labels according to what the customers placed on their shipping and billing information. Our fulfillment team processes the orders right away. Please contact UPS to reroute your package in case of any error on shipping information.
Do you ship internationally?
Not yet but it is coming soon!
Which currency are my orders processed in?
LASHGRAVITY® orders are processed in US Dollars.