LASHGRAVITY® is committed to not using animal fur in any way.

Regarding all of our products, since opening our doors, our promise to consumers and the community is to never make money off the backs of innocent animals. 

Therefore, all of our products are animal fur free, and always will be.

Due to advancements in Technology, there is now ample proof that the use of animal fur is completely unnecessary and subsequently cruel. 

In support of this fact, LASHGRAVITY® have developed a unique dedicated registered trademark (Minkesque®); determined that our value proposition is: Guilt-free Glam; created a focus group style community that will become globally recognized as the NO MINK MVMT.

LASHGRAVITY® is boldly going where no other lash company has gone before.

Unlike other lash brands, we will not create a false sense of beauty by portraying mink lashes as a glamorous luxury, and invest heavily in marketing to craft an image of ethics. 

We pledge not to mislead consumers by promoting the false impression that mink fur products are cruelty-free, while preying on the consumer’s desire to feel beautiful...

LASHGRAVITY® further pledges to stimulate awareness of misleading industry practices, while inspiring consumer motives through elevated thinking in numerous forms.

LASHGRAVITY® is proud to represent Guilt-free Glam™